USP Healthcare is a UK and NZ based global supplier of New Zealand Manuka Honey and New Zealand native honey products. We specialise in the wholesale supply of New Zealand Honey. We can provide bulk honey, private label and white label products; we also supply the UK market through our own brand Queen Bee. We have a collaborative business relationship with Seperex Nutritionals Limited which is an innovative, bioactive-ingredients company with offices in both New Zealand and Hong Kong.

What we do


Our honey is tested twice to ensure that it meets all of the requirements set by the New Zealand Government for the authentication of Manuka Honey. We test before and after filtration so you can be sure that our honey is authentic and true to label.


We believe that it is important to know the exact source of our product, and to that end, our honey is fully traceable from the jar in which it is purchased, right the way back to the hive from which it was collected.


Our bees are of the utmost importance to us, not only do they provide us with our amazing Manuka Honey, but more importantly they are pollinators and accordingly, play a critical role in the future of our planet.

Queen Bee Mānuka Honey is produced to the highest standards by sourcing nectar from mānuka trees found in New Zealand’s natural wilderness.

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