What is Methylglyoxal (MGO)

Methylglyoxal is the compound in Manuka Honey which is responsible for its unique antibacterial activity. The compound was first recognised in 2008 and has become the standard by which the potency of Manuka Honey is measured. The higher the levels of MGO, the stronger the antibacterial potency is of the Manuka.

The older NPA/UMF standard is still used by some suppliers however this is now based on the level of Methylglyoxal and then converted back based on the table below.

5 NPA 83 MGO 6 NPA 113 MGO
7 NPA 146 MGO 8 NPA 182 MGO
9 NPA 222 MGO 10 NPA 263 MGO
11 NPA 308 MGO 12 NPA 356 MGO
13 NPA 406 MGO 14 NPA 459 MGO
15 NPA 572 MGO