What We do

Scientifically Certified

We test every batch of Queen Bee Manuka Honey against the latest scientific Manuka Honey standards as published by the New Zealand Government. Four chemical markers and a DNA test ensure that Queen Bee Manuka is genuine monofloral manuka honey from New Zealand

One Sweet Ingredient

There’s only one ingredient in our product; certified manuka honey, harvested from hives situated across New Zealand’s natural landscape. It’s what gives our honey its superior amber tone and its iconic taste and aroma.

The Healthy Alternative

Thanks to high levels of Methylglyoxal, our manuka honey provides anti-bacterial properties. It’s also the perfect lower-calorie alternative to sugar, and is rich in phenolic acids and flavonoids, making it a powerful source of natural antioxidants.

Queen Bee Manuka Honey

Queen Bee Manuka Honey is USP Healthcare’s Manuka Honey brand.

Queen Bee is dedicated to producing only the best Manuka honey products. Enjoy the rich tasting medicinal benefits of the Queen Bee range of Manuka honey sourced from New Zealand’s pristine Manuka forests.

Our Products

Queen Bee Manuka Honey

100mg/kg Methyglyoxal 340g Jar
GTIN: 5060270130178

Queen Bee Manuka Honey

100mg/kg Methylglyoxal 2 X 340g Jars
GTIN: 5060270130161

Queen Bee Manuka Honey

200mg/kg Methyglyoxal 340g Jar
GTIN: 5060270130215

Our Other Variants