About USP Healthcare Limited

USP Healthcare Limited is a pipeline UK company setup to bring innovative unique products from around the globe to the UK and European markets. We partner/collaborate with companies that have a Unique Selling Position, ensuring access to a continual stream of innovative products and ideas.

Our range of innovative products include:

  • Medical Grade Manuka Honey from New Zealand – wound care and oral applications.
  • 100% pure 15+ NPA Manuka lozenges for soothing sore throats or calming vocal chords after speaking engagements and performances. Enjoy your Manuka honey anywhere and anytime.
  • Manuka table honey in a range of total activity and non peroxide levels.
  • Anti-inflammatory marine derived lipids.
  • Turnkey product solutions. For example, infant food in a pouch under private own label or brand created.
We have a collaborative business relationship with Seperex Nutritionals Limited  who are an innovative bioactive ingredients company with offices in New Zealand and the Hong Kong Science Park. We also conduct research with a number of universities and research institutions.
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